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Performance appraisals

In order for you to monitor and improve your employees by an appraisal system, a comprehensive appraisal strategy must be in motion from the moment that employment is accepted. Whether you choose a conventional appraisal (carried out by a manager or supervisor), a self-evaluation (carried out by the employee) or peer-review appraisal (carried out by the employee’s colleagues), this preparation of a clear plan will encourage a healthier more productive working environment. At Starfish People, we offer any combination of the following:

  • Initial employee communication
  • Production of bespoke appraisal documents
  • Advice on how to measure employee performance
  • Analysis of all employee metrics
  • Feedback for employees
  • Development of action plans / performance reviews based on results

“Helen came into our business, and helped us improve our current appraisal systems, our HR processes and management skills. Helen is highly professional, her visits are structured and productive, and the outcome is extremely positive. It has been a pleasure working with Helen, and we look forward to her continued support whilst we continue to grow as a business"

A client who received training for HR and appraisal systems in London, September 2016