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Our people passion: Making a difference

Established in 2015, Starfish People is an engaging and people focussed outsourced HR consultancy. We provide operational HR support to businesses by way of specialist advice, jargon-free and practical HR solutions and business coaching. We aim to make a difference by taking care of our client’s human resource needs allowing our clients time to focus on their business. Based near Chichester, West Sussex, Starfish People works with businesses of all sizes all over the UK. Located between Southampton in the west and Brighton in the east with excellent transport links to London and beyond, we’re happy to travel to work closely with each and every one our clients. Through making a difference in the workplace we’re proud of the excellent results we’ve achieved for our broad portfolio of clients. Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and fully General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, we take the data protection of our clients and the service we provide to them very seriously.

Starfish People HR: Our story

Our name derives from the Starfish Story, a tale of a man who walked by the seashore and saw a girl throwing starfish back into the ocean. He asked why she was doing it and she replied that, with the sun up and the tide going out, the starfish would soon die if she did not act. Perplexed, the man pointed out that there was a long stretch of beach likely with many starfish and she didn’t stand a chance of helping them all. Smiling, she threw another into the sea and said: “I made a difference to that one”. This story provides tremendous insight and is an astute reminder that we each hold in our hands the power to change a mind, situation or life at any time we please. Starfish People nurtures this innate ability to have a positive impact on the outcome of challenges in the workplace because it’s a precious commodity. We embrace this ethos and for us the reward is in witnessing the change that we make to individuals, teams and large organisations. By making a difference one team member, manager or director at a time, Starfish People ultimately makes a difference to companies as a whole and to as many people as possible.

Meet the Starfish People team

Helen Price-Evans Director & HR Guru

Starfish People Director and HR Consultant Helen Price-Evans is a CIPD qualified professional with over 20 years of human resources management and business training and coaching experience. A Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) master practitioner with a keen understanding of psychology and communication and an interest in what makes people tick, Helen will provide your business with an empathetic ear and objective voice to work through your HR solutions one-by-one. Helen, who has a long career history in customer services, has a warm and personable relationship-orientated approach. Helen’s excellent sense of humour and positive energy also help to set people at ease and yield excellent results. Familiar with the challenges faced by successful businesses, Helen understands the need to provide clear practical HR and employment law information to support and protect business growth from the people at its roots. Having worked as Head of HR at Checkatrade for many years, Helen knows quality and potential when she sees it and she uses her insight and NLP coaching skills to help businesses, and the people that work within them, to realise this magic and harness it for ultimate success. Helen has worked with a variety of clients from all industries and walks of life, including retailers, trade, business services, charities and even HM’s prisoners who are preparing to go back to work. Preferring to meet every client face-to-face at least once, Helen and can provide HR support over the phone, via Skype and even provide HR training, business training and coaching and customised training programmes online too.

David Price-Evans Director & Operations Manager

Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, David comes from a strong customer service background through his time working as a Partnerships Manager with Checkatrade. But, without a doubt, Helen is our “people person” while David is our “process person”. An analytical thinker who can work his way through any problem to a positive outcome, Operations Director David has a tremendous eye for detail and never misses a trick. Through the art and science of NLP (for which he is also a qualified practitioner), David has led many teams on journeys towards cultural change and paradigm shifts for more positive business results. Able to look at each situation within a team or organisation with an objective stance to prevent further tensions and issues occurring, David’s strengths lie with keeping information on track and finding the best solutions towards business process improvement. Focussed to excel client expectations, find the most cost-effective way to a positive outcome and avoid potential pitfalls along the way, David is crucial part of the team. With a great belief in creating value for partnerships and improving results within people, David makes sure that Starfish People delivers the very best human resources management and HR solutions to their clients.

Trudy Lang HR Business Partner

Trudy is a CIPD-qualified HRM professional and coach. Trudy has a wealth of experience in learning and development and working with HR, which spans over 15 years. TRudy is dedicated to making a real difference to you and your team, constantly striving to inspire and motivate them to reach their full potential. With an exceptional ability to forge deep connections thanks to her engaging, positive approach, along with a few homemade brownies! Out of the office (and inside too actually), Trudy is a real ‘foodie’- we love the brownies she makes for the team. And of course, her passion is taking long walks with her two loyal and beloved four-legged canine companions.

Louis Herbert Executive HR Assistant 

Louis, the new face at Starfish People HR, stepping into the role of Executive HR Assistant. Having recently completed a law degree, he brings a methodical and analytical approach to the team. With a keen research interest, Louis enjoys delving into complexities and solving problems methodically. As an Executive HR Assistant, Louis aims to contribute thoughtfully to the objectives of Starfish People HR, using his legal approach to problem-solving to offer the team a different perspective when tackling tasks.

Bob Grace Cert CII Healthcare Partner

Bob Grace, is an Appointed Representative of the WPA Healthcare Practice PLC, With almost 20 years of experience, enabling him to provide a world-class yet personal service to all our clients. Specialising in Medical Insurance for the Private, Corporate & Self Employed sectors. Dedicated to recommending the sort of healthcare he would invest in himself, Bob is here to help Starfish People’s clients. With customer service as his number one focus and an open jargon-free approach, Bob is skilled in listening before asking questions, so he truly understands his client’s needs and provides the best possible advice. A keen golfer and advocate for the kind of healthcare that we want for ourselves and our families.

Bella Head of Security

A staple at the Starfish People office, beloved Bella is Head of Security. Alert, watchful and loyal – a fine example of the German Shepherd breed with a no-nonsense attitude and natural talent for organising the staff – Bella is a soulful softie at heart. As curious as she is confident and highly intelligent, Bella never misses a trick and could have the makings of a fine human resources professional. She’ll be offering NLP coaching too before we know it!

Enzo Head of Employee and Client Welfare

German Shepherd with as much puppy power as Scrappy-Doo, as well as being our cutest recruit. Enzo is Head of Employee and Client Welfare. Always entertaining and inquisitive, this not so little ball of fur can make the most frazzled of us crack a smile. That’s not to say the little chap doesn’t contribute to his own fair share of stress – he’ll gladly chase a ball, or any document inadvertently thrown in error for him! Excitable but gentle in nature, Enzo is also Front of House Manager. When clients and colleagues come to the Starfish People office, they’re sure to be welcomed by a wagging tail and a friendly “Lemme at ’em” attitude.

Need a team or leadership coach?

By tapping into NLP coaching techniques, we can provide human resources support to boost productivity in individuals for the greater good. We’ll help each employee to recognise their potential and play to their strengths, as a team player and/or a team leader.


Is your business at risk?

The success of your business depends on the quality of your staff and, to make sure your machine runs well, you must tend to all the cogs. Starfish People has the skills and know-how to provide the very best human resources support and advice.


Need to recruit good employees?

Starfish People will see you employ perfect staff with recruitment and selection services including job role assessment, DISC profiling, advertising, narrowing down shortlists, support with the interview process and supply documentation.