Need a team or
leadership coach?

By tapping into NLP coaching techniques, we can provide human resources support to boost productivity in individuals for the greater good. We’ll help each employee to recognise their potential and play to their strengths, as a team player and/or a team leader.


Is your business
at risk?

The success of your business depends on the quality of your staff and, to make sure your machine runs well, you must tend to all the cogs. Starfish People has the skills and know-how to provide the very best human resources support and advice.


Need to recruit
good employees?

Starfish People will see you employee perfect staff with recruitment and selection services including: job role assessment, DISC profiling, advertising, narrowing down shortlists, support with the interview process and supply documentation.


Comprehensive HR Solutions: Packages, Services, Coaching, On Call Support, Recruitment, and Launchpad

Starfish People, based near Chichester, West Sussex, provides businesses throughout the UK with expert human resources management. Headed up by Helen Price-Evans, we have the ability to implement positive change in the workplace and save our clients the time and extra expense of an in-house HR department.

Developing a business is both exciting and demanding. Choosing the right people, with the right aptitude and attitude to help grow your business is paramount to its success. People are your most valuable asset. They are the difference between astounding results and potential failure. Much like the moral of the well-known Starfish Story – our namesake – we believe in making a difference to one person at a time for the greater good.

We understand that few businesses have access to, or want the expense of, an HR department or a full-time HR manager, so we’re here to help. Starfish People is your flexible, engaging and forward-thinking HR consultancy that offers you the ability to outsource your HR.

Implementing positive CHANGE in the workplace


“Helen’s approach to business is second to none. I am a sole trader, who recently started a new business. She has spent countless hours coaching me on current laws and how to manage, many of the issues I’ve had with getting up to speed. The guidance methods and experience Helen brings to the table has benefited my business hugely. Because of this, I would highly recommend Starfish People. Thank you, Helen."

A client from Gosport, Hampshire, who benefited from ongoing coaching and HR guidance, September 2017.

What is a DISC profile assesment?

Based on four behavioural traits – Dominant, Influencing, Stable and Compliant – a DISC profile assessment via PeopleKeys will help our DISC certified behavioural consultants to determine candidates’ personality traits and their suitability for your specific job roles.

Once you understand what makes people tick, you can hire skilled people, create a harmonious workplace and benefit from a motivated workforce. No matter what size your business and which sector you work within, a DISC profile assessment will help you employ the right people at the right time.