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Attendance management

One of the most substantial costs to UK businesses is employee absence, and reasons for not reporting for duties could be anything from childcare issues and personal problems to workplace stress and sickness absence. While the true reason for such time off is not always the reason stated, or is a situation that’s within their control, it’s an employer’s duty to be as clued up as possible about the potential causes and solutions of such issues and problems to assist staff at all levels.

Recognising the importance for employers to yield policies aimed at managing their employees’ attendance, Starfish People offers skilled and professional human resources support that will help maintain a good level of attendance. An employer that rests on their laurels and takes no action towards attendance management runs the risk of:

  • Disruption to business
  • Staff with low morale and motivation
  • Lacking productivity and profitability
  • Lower levels of customer service and resulting customer satisfaction

It’s crucial that you have a positive attitude towards attendance management with a clear and consistent delivery of your company policies, especially with regard to who to notify of absences and how absences are recorded and monitored. An employer who makes employee welfare a priority will get the respect and results deserved.

Our attendance management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Drawing up attendance procedures
  • Full review of attendance policy, procedures and practice, with a report including recommendations for improvement
  • Suggestions for holiday management and creation of a holiday policy template
  • Planning attendance review meetings
  • Devising ways to record employee non-attendance
  • Consultancy on non-attendance issues and objective arbitration for difficult and deep-rooted non-attendance cases