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Advanced package

Advanced HR Package (Includes Essentials Package features plus):

On-Site HR Support:

Gain the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced HR professional by your side during critical moments. Our on-site HR support provides you with a dedicated expert who will be physically present to guide and support you through sensitive processes such as redundancy meetings, disciplinary actions, and more.

With 2 on-site visits annually included as an option in this package. Travel fees and expenses apply.

Breathe HR

  • 10% discount on any Breathe HR package, regardless of the size of the organisation.
    Training Sessions: 2 × ½ day training sessions per annual contract, for up to 12 employees, for example:
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training: NLP-based training programs that focus on enhancing communication skills, improving rapport building, and developing effective interpersonal relationships in the workplace. This includes techniques for active listening, non-verbal communication, and persuasive language patterns.
  • Performance Management and Employee Development: Training programs to equip managers with the skills to effectively manage employee performance and support their development. This includes performance reviews, performance appraisal, goal setting, and creating individual development plans.