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Paradigm coaching

Modern life for many is fast-paced and hectic. This can hold you back and leave you unable to fulfill your full potential. But business growth and performance can significantly improve with the aid of dynamic paradigm coaching.

The most rewarding and successful companies create environments where people are empowered, engaged, and challenged to evolve and learn. There are a number of paradigm coaching models and techniques that help employers and employees to foster positive change from the top down.

We are based in Selsey near Chichester, and we work with businesses and individuals throughout the UK and Europe.


1. Idea inspiration 

The perspective of an objective paradigm coach can help you to generate new ideas. We can make suggestions and even act as devil’s advocate when it comes to sounding those ideas out.

2. Great guidance

 By providing you with direction and challenging and supporting you at each step, we will give you the HR support you need to succeed.

3. Acing accountability 

We will not only help you to strategise business goals but help you to achieve them by keeping you on track.

Specifically, paradigm coaching can help to:

  • Enhance sales achievements
  • Improve communications with individuals and teams in order to boost working relations
  • Resolve workplace differences and performance issues
  • Improve self-awareness, confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Involve management in goal-setting
  • Educate executives and teams on company values, visions and mission statements

“Helen is a complete professional. From the off she makes you feel at ease and manages to bring out your inner thoughts without you realising. She then gives the best advice possible to enable you to understand yourself. Things start to happen which enable you to see life from a different prospective. Helen has a fantastic sense of humour which helps you see the funny side of why you do the things you do. You owe it to yourself to have a healthy life and sense of wellbeing so take advantage of her knowledge and change your way of thinking today for a better life. You will not be disappointed. Good luck" An NLP coaching client from Chichester, West Sussex, September 2015.

Unlock potential with NLP coaching

We offer business coaching to individuals using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching techniques, which are based on four key areas: people not equalling their behaviour and having the freedom to change their behaviours; people possessing all that’s needed to succeed and learning how to unlock that potential; communication success is based on response and learning to communicate better yields better responses; people are in control of their own minds and the life that they lead.

NLP coaching, for which each member of the Starfish People team is a qualified practitioner, can be tailored to reinforce best practices and encourage productivity in individuals in the workplace. It’s about enabling you to recognise your innate potential and helping you to unleash and harness that power. NLP coaching for employers or employees can help to improve:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Stress management
  • The easy release and management of negative emotions
  • Career guidance
  • Relationship issues
  • Fears and phobias

No matter what size your company or your paradigm coaching needs, Starfish People boasts a team of
highly professional experts who offer bespoke HR solutions that will enhance your workplace by providing individuals with access to improved self-awareness, confidence and interpersonal skills. Dedicated to customer service and leading with a listening ear, Starfish People can provide the paradigm coaching you need to thrive.

We've been successfully helping businesses across Chichester and West Sussex with their paradigm coaching for a number of years, here's some paradigm coaching reviews from other customers.

Need a team or
leadership coach?

By tapping into NLP coaching techniques, we can provide human resources support to boost productivity in individuals for the greater good. We’ll help each employee to recognise their potential and play to their strengths, as a team player and/or a team leader.


Is your business
at risk?

The success of your business depends on the quality of your staff and, to make sure your machine runs well, you must tend to all the cogs. Starfish People has the skills and know-how to provide the very best human resources support and advice.


Need to recruit
good employees?

Starfish People will see you employee perfect staff with recruitment and selection services including: job role assessment, DISC profiling, advertising, narrowing down shortlists, support with the interview process and supply documentation.