Want to dismiss someone, but don’t know how?


Running a business can be really stressful. Especially when you’ve got an employee that’s causing
you various issues.

As an employer, it’s likely that at some point you might feel that it would be better for everybody to let an employee go. And in some cases, this might be the right decision.

However, there are high risks involved when dismissing an employee. This is why it’s absolutely
essential that you have a valid reason to do so and that you follow a fair procedure every step
of the way.

If you fail to do this, you risk a tribunal claim which will be even more stressful.

Tribunal Court Room

That’s why our HR expert Helen Price-Evans has created this guide – to help you understand the steps she would take as an experienced HR expert to help you dismiss an employee.

‘How to dismiss an employee -the essential dos and don’ts’ explains what you need to do when
you think you need to dismiss an employee. Not only does it guide you step-by-step through the disciplinary and dismissal process, but there’s also a useful checklist of dos and don’ts that you can keep to hand.

Helen Price-Evans is an HR expert and specialises in helping SME’S with their HR needs. Helen understands the SME industry and the challenges they come up against every day.
Helen also understands how the workplace is evolving, and the ways that businesses need
to adapt to protect both their best interests and those of their employees.

Helen Price-Evans our HR Guru

Helen has written this guide to help you follow the dismissal process correctly, without the risk of an employment tribunal.

Why are we giving this guide away for free? 

Giving you all of this valuable information at no cost is the best way for us to learn about your particular business and what we can do to help improve your HR. 

Maybe we will go on to do some work together in the future. Maybe we won’t. Either way, there’s no obligation to use the services of Starfish People HR in the future.

‘How to dismiss an employee -the essential dos and don’ts’

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