The Power of Regular Feedback Appraisals – An Employer’s Guide

As an employer, it’s essential to provide your people with regular feedback. This is typically done during an appraisal, performance review, or when updating a personal development plan.

Regardless of the terminology used in your company, the purpose remains consistent – to review an employee’s performance and behaviour and to provide positive or constructive feedback.

Offering feedback in this manner holds significant importance. Your employees will feel more valued, listened to, and gain insight into areas for growth and progress within your business.

As an employer, you can recognize and reward excellent work, address performance issues effectively, and benefit from increased engagement and commitment from your employees.

Despite these benefits, many businesses do not conduct regular appraisals for their employees. This might be due to not fully grasping its advantages, time constraints, or uncertainty about the process.

If you don’t already hold regular appraisals, it’s time to consider starting, and this guide has been designed to help you achieve just that.

Simply download your free copy now.

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