Why an HR Business Partner ?


It’s a common believe that HR should continually improve, especially with regards to efficiency in the administration and services delivered. Appointing an HR Business Partner is one way that this can be achieved as it would balance increased demands placed upon HR functions to deliver cost savings with increased results through collaboration.

Within this, consideration is required as to any downsides as well as any benefits gained from working with an HR Business Partner on either part or all existing HR services. To decide whether or not this approach suits the organisation. Where such arrangements are adopted, it’s also important to have a clear strategy in place for managing the transition from a part or full in-house provision to a part or full HR Business partner. In doing this HR can ensure that their Business Partner fully supports all areas of the organisation.

So how do you select an HR Business Partner?

Certain actions and decisions must be taken when selecting a suitable HR Business Partner, many of which will be similar to those undertaken when entering into any business arrangement. Understanding your existing HR services, the effectiveness actual costs, and its level of service are key. This will give useful information when comparing provider offerings and quotes for a part or full HR service. Future requirements of the organisation should also be considered.

Establishing a shortlist of preferred suppliers

Communicate with other organisations with which the HR Business Partner currently have contracts, to establish how satisfied they are with the provider. Consideration should be given to whether the Business Partner will fit your culture and will have an understanding of your business. In particular identify the ‘actual’ person who will be the HR Business Partner for your organisation and confirm if that individual can fulfill the required contract length and deliver the required attention to detail. Therefore is key to ensure the requirements are clearly defined for your potential HR Business Partner.

Managing the transition to HR Business Partner

Make sure that sufficient HR cover remains internally to manage the transitional period as well as providing ongoing support. When managing the transition from in-house to working with a HR Business Partner many considerations will be similar to those required when managing any organisational change.

An HR Business Partnership will often involve changes to existing HR processes which will initially need to be communicated to all levels of the organisation. Its important to ensure this is carried out in a timely fashion as its possible that a number of changes may be required to existing roles. It’s also important to recognise that these processes might take time to introduce. During this period continued communication to staff about the whole process is important no matter what the size of your organisation is.

We are delighted to have received testimonials from clients who we currently provide HR services to as a Business Partner.

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