What’s on your payslip?


Important Changes Introduced April 2019

You are probably aware of the employment law changes introduced earlier this year, but just in case, we thought we would highlight a couple of points regarding your statutory duties as an employer in relation to payslips. 

There were 2 important changes introduced in April 2019.

There were 2 important changes introduced in April 2019.

Firstly, whilst we are sure you know that all employees must be given a payslip, this right has now been extended,  so all workers must get payslips too.  Secondly, if a worker’s pay varies due to the number of hours worked, this now must be shown clearly on the payslip.  

As the legislation is so recent, it might be useful to review what information is on the payslips you provide and check who is receiving one, just to be sure.

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