3 Simple Strategies to Enhance Inclusivity in the Workplace

In the pursuit of creating truly inclusive workplaces


In the ever-evolving world of the modern workplace, cultivating inclusivity has become a crucial goal for business and HR leaders. While the commitment to diversity and equitable remuneration is vital, building truly inclusive workplaces demands a more deliberate approach. The phrase ‘being invited is not the same as being included’ emphasises the need for thoughtful strategies. Here are three straightforward yet impactful strategies to bolster inclusivity at work:

  1. Nothing About Us, Without Us:

    Ensuring inclusivity requires decisions affecting employees to be made with their input. The mantra “nothing about us, without us” encapsulates this principle. Practical steps include:

    • Investment in employee listening and feedback tools to gain insights into daily sentiments and experiences.
    • Conducting anonymous pulse surveys focusing on inclusivity, then implementing suggested changes.
    • Establishing working groups or committees representing diverse minorities to address equity and inclusivity in policies and practices.

  2. Awareness and Allyship:

    Creating a supportive and understanding environment involves educating employees about equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Workshops on unconscious bias, cultural competency, and neurodiversity play a pivotal role. Allyship programmes contribute to a sense of belonging by encouraging active support for marginalised colleagues. Allies can visibly show their support through pins, lanyards, or inclusive language in email signatures or employee bios.

  3. Mindfulness in Communication, Social Events, and Planning:

    Being mindful in arranging social events and communication can significantly enhance inclusivity. Simple actions include:

    • Considering different religious affiliations and family structures when planning celebrations to ensure everyone can participate.
    • Being aware of the physical abilities of colleagues and choosing activities and venues that accommodate various needs.
    • Adopting inclusive language, such as using “Happy Holidays” to acknowledge diverse celebrations during December.

In addition to these strategies, incorporating local nuances and understanding cultural sensitivities can further strengthen the inclusivity efforts in a UK-based workplace.

By adopting these strategies, we set the intention to create workplaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging. As we become more mindful of our differences, backgrounds, and preferences, we pave the way for a truly inclusive work environment.

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