If Training Costs, what price is ignorance?


In a recent survey among the 316 HR practitioners conducted by Xpert HR, learning and development is the most frequently quoted priority on the HR agenda.

One of the signs of increasing business confidence among employers is the corresponding increase in movement within the labour market, resulting in retention issues and skills shortages.

Many of the initiatives on the HR agenda within private-sector-services organisations point to increased efforts to retain employees, improve engagement levels and have robust succession planning in place to minimise the loss of key employees.

Among other priorities not featured in the top 10, apprentices have appeared for the first time in many years. This is likely to be due to the apprenticeship levy, which came into force on 6 April 2017. This is a levy on UK employers to fund the costs of apprenticeship training and assessment, and will be set at 0.5% of an employer’s pay bill.

Gender pay gap reporting was also on the agenda for 12 organisations.

The top 10 priorities for private-sector-services respondents were:

learning and development (including leadership, line manager development, competencies and coaching).
HR analytics/HRIS.
recruitment (including reviewing the process and improving onboarding);
reward and benefits.
employee engagement.
restructuring/organisation design
HR strategy.
succession/workforce planning.
appraisal and performance management.

The top 10 priorities for manufacturing-and-production respondents are:

learning and development (including leadership development);
HR analytics/HRIS;
HR strategy;
reward and benefits;
succession/workforce planning;
performance management/appraisals;
retention; and
employee engagement.

The top 10 priorities for public-sector respondents are:

training and organisation development;
succession/workforce planning;
reward and benefits;
HR strategy;
change management;
equality and diversity;
HR analytics/HRIS; and
performance management/appraisals.

Against a backdrop of continued funding cuts, the public sector puts training and organisation development at the top of its HR priorities for the coming year.

Where do you place your learning & development and do you have a training policy in place for your team?

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