How to keep your team motivated leading up to Christmas

When the Christmas break is just around the corner, it’s natural for you and your team to slow down.

But when you have bills to pay and end-of-year targets to achieve, it’s important to keep motivation levels up and achieve everything you can before the office closes.

Here are some great ideas to keep motivation levels up in the weeks leading to Christmas:

  1. Set Christmas goals with small incentives

If there’s something you want to achieve before the Christmas break, set your team an achievable target and offer a small incentive that everyone will value if it’s been achieved.

  1. Offer flexible working

Let’s face it, Christmas is stressful. And offering your team a little more flexibility during this time will give them more head space, helping them to be more productive.

  1. Have a little fun

To keep spirits high, why not jazz up the working day. Organise team activities, maybe a themed lunch, and have a fancy-dress day if appropriate.

  1. Look ahead to next year

Even though the office is closing for a few days, your business still has big goals. A great way of motivating your team is by sharing the big goal with them so they understand how their input is helping you get there.

  1. Help to prioritise what needs to be done

When your team has a lot on their plate, it can be difficult for them to know where to get started and this slows down their productivity. Why not have a chat with each team member, find out what’s on their plate, and help them to prioritise what matters most.

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