Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom Moore


It was very humbling watching the 100th Birthday celebrations unfold this morning for Captain Tom Moore.

His birthday was marked by a flypast of a Spitfire and Hurricane from the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, based at RAF Coningsby, which made three passes of his house.

The Ministry of Defence had said it would “celebrate Captain Tom’s birthday and mark his amazing fundraising achievement”.

He also received birthday greetings from the Queen and Prime Minister.

Capt Tom said it was “extraordinary” to be turning 100, especially with “this many well-wishers”.

With celebrations under way, the total he has raised for NHS Charities Together topped £31m.

Capt Tom was informed of his promotion to honorary colonel in a letter presented by Lt Col Thomas Miller, commanding officer of the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, at his home.

The Army said Chief of the General Staff, Sir Mark, who made the appointment, said Capt Tom’s “mature wisdom, no-nonsense attitude and humour in adversity make him an inspirational role model to generations”.

On this special day in history as the World grieves, it makes us proud and it has inspired us to again share our story as Captain Tom Moore celebrates his 100th Birthday, a true hero that has changed our nation for the better.

Happy Birthday Captain Tom from Starfish People you are an inspiration

Our name derives from the Starfish Story, a tale of a man who walked by the seashore and saw a girl throwing starfish back into the ocean. He asked why she was doing it and she replied that, with the sun up and the tide going out, the starfish would soon die if she did not act. Perplexed, the man pointed out that there was a long stretch of beach likely with many starfish and she didn’t stand a chance of helping them all. Smiling, she threw another into the sea and said: “I made a difference to that one”.

This story provides tremendous insight and is an astute reminder that we each hold in our hands the power to change a mind, situation, or life at any time we please. Starfish People nurtures this innate ability to have a positive impact on the outcome of challenges in the workplace because it’s a precious commodity.

We embrace this ethos and for us, the reward is in witnessing the change that we make to individuals, teams, and large organisations. By making a difference one team member, manager, or director at a time, Starfish People ultimately makes a difference to companies as a whole and to as many people as possible.

We are truly blessed to witness this special day for our beloved Nation

God bless you Colonel Tom Moore

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