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Efficient Absence Management for a Thriving Business

Discover the key strategies to manage and reduce absence in your business and understand why it’s crucial for your bottom line. In 2020, UK business owners faced an approximate cost of £7 billion due to absence. Monitoring and calculating the impact of absenteeism on your business can help you address resourcing issues, maintain productivity, meet deadlines, and preserve client relationships.

Learn how to track absence effectively using HR software like Breathe, enabling automatic recording, monitoring, and reporting on trends. Additionally, conducting return-to-work interviews can provide valuable insights into the reasons behind employee absences, fostering a healthier work environment.

Take tailored actions to reduce absence, focusing on the health and well-being of your teams. Businesses that prioritise employee well-being typically experience lower absence rates.

For more detailed information on managing absence, feel free to reach out to us.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Are You Guilty?

Despite ongoing efforts to address the gender pay gap, recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that 78% of full-time job roles in the UK still exhibit a gender pay gap favouring men. Learn about the concerning statistics and understand the disparities across various occupations. It’s crucial for businesses to reflect on their pay practices and strive for equality.

Read more about the gender pay gap issue at HR News link.

The Impact of Hunger on Workplace Productivity

New data highlights that 25% of UK workers admit to being less productive when hungry at work. Explore the connection between nutrition and productivity and discover the recipe for maintaining high office efficiency—embracing time management, focus, health, well-being, and motivation. Encourage your team to take breaks and prioritise their nutritional needs.

Read more about workplace productivity and the effects of hunger at HR News link.

Navigating Workplace Meetings and Employee Anxiety

Discover that 80% of employees feel anxious about day-to-day meetings, with 25% reporting that recent meetings provided no value. Address the challenges associated with workplace meetings and explore strategies to enhance their effectiveness, ensuring a positive impact on employee well-being and engagement.

Read more about workplace meetings and employee anxiety at HR News link.

Recognising Signs of Sexual Abuse and Violence

During Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness Week (5th to 11th of the month), learn how to spot signs of sexual abuse and violence in employees. Understand the importance of intervention in potentially life-threatening situations and recognise indicators such as sudden changes in behaviour, frequent unexplained absences, visible signs of distress, unusual interactions, and emotional outbursts.

If you need assistance in handling such situations, please contact us for confidential advice.

Q&A Section: Addressing Common HR Queries

Withdrawing a job offer: Understand the implications and legal aspects of withdrawing a job offer once accepted.

Returning to work after retirement benefits: Clarification on individuals continuing to work while receiving retirement benefits.

Providing a prayer room: Guidance on accommodating employees’ religious practices, such as using a quiet space for prayer.

For more details or personalised advice, feel free to reach out to our HR experts.

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