Family- Friendly Policies

The government is looking at the possibility to introduce a new law requiring employers with more than 250 employees to publish details of their family-friendly policies.

So what is the proposal?

In October 2018, the government announced plans to consult on the possibility of compelling employers with more than 250 employees to make public details of their “parental leave and pay” policies.

If it goes ahead it could mean organisations have to publish details of their policies on family-friendly leave and pay.

What is the thinking behind the proposal?

Business secretary Greg Clark made the announcement as part of a series of proposed new measures to support parents, particularly mothers, in the labour market.

Clark said that the change would make it easier for job applicants to make “informed decisions about whether they can combine a role with caring for their family”.

The business secretary highlighted that most job applicants are reluctant to ask in interviews about a prospective employer’s family-friendly policies, for fear of being discriminated against.

Some companies have taken the led and already publish their family-friendly policies a few of these are BS, Santander, Direct Line Group

The Government has also pledged to publish the family leave and pay policies of all government departments, after Jo Swinson wrote to Theresa May highlighting government departments lack of transparency.

The draft proposed states that employers with more than 250 employees have to publish a statement of their employees’ entitlements to:

parental leave;
statutory pay in respect of parental leave; and
pay and benefits in the course of parental leave.
The statement would also have to set out how employers provide support
to parents over and above this, including any flexible working

What happens next?

Large employers will be eagerly awaiting the Government’s consultation on the details of the proposed new law.

In the meantime, employers may wish to explore the benefits of making their family-friendly policies available online, particularly in terms of improving candidate attraction and stealing a march on their rivals in the labour market.

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