Do you have remote or hybrid workers?

How much work do you really think they’re doing when they’re at home?

Do you have a way of monitoring it?

These may have been concerns for business owners and managers a couple of years ago, but now that we’re settled into a new routine of home working, is it still a consideration you need to make?

We’ve all seen the statistics. The increased flexibility and relaxed approach to work has been a great boost to productivity for most businesses. So why are we still concerned that employees aren’t doing what they should be when they’re out of sight?

The use of remote surveillance has increased since 2020, perhaps unsurprisingly. Whether that’s bosses monitoring how much time employees are spending in front of their screens, or actual surveillance via webcams, how do you feel about this? Is it something you’d implement for your business?

To us, it feels like we’ve spent the last decade trying to move away from micromanagement and towards a more self-driven way of working. And it’s been a good thing. We’d suggest that before making any emotionally-led decisions on having a team working from the office, look at your figures. See how performance has really been and make a choice based on that.

Of course, it may mean that you need to develop a slightly different skill-set if you’re to manage a remote team, but in the long term, it may work out better for the business.

If we can help you to manage your remote or hybrid team in the right way, without the need for surveillance or micromanagement, give us a call today on 01243 967961 or email [email protected]

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