Understanding the CIPD’s Manifesto for Good Work

A Commitment to Excellence


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), as the leading professional body for human resources, champions a vision for the UK’s economic growth.

Central to this vision is the aspiration to cultivate an environment where the UK becomes a beacon of exemplary work standards. The bedrock of this ambition is a sustained workforce strategy, anchored in the principles of skilled, healthy, and equitable work.

Here’s a succinct breakdown of CIPD’s Manifesto for Good Work:

“Our CIPD Manifesto for Good Work advocates for the UK Government to instigate transformative shifts in employer practices. This transformation aims to foster a more resilient and thriving economy, ensuring inclusive growth that elevates the living standards for everyone.

Key areas of focus encompass skills development, innovation, business assistance, digital integration, sustainable practices, immigration, and labour market regulations.”

Delving deeper, the manifesto underscores three pivotal pillars for work:

Skilled: A commitment to cultivating high-skilled roles whilst aligning educational and training programmes with industry demands.
Healthy: Prioritising the establishment of conducive work environments that promote well-being, harmony, and enhanced productivity.
Fair: A resolute stance against discrimination and inequalities, ensuring equitable opportunities and pathways for career progression.

Stay tuned as we monitor the government’s alignment with and implementation of this visionary manifesto.

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