How are companies supporting employees during the coronavirus pandemic?

Just under half (47%) of UK workers say their companies are providing well-timed communication to help employees navigate the crisis, according to LinkedIn’s latest poll. 2,000+ UK professionals were asked how they feel about their ability to get and keep a job, improve their financial situation, and advance in their careers between 1-7th and 13-19th April.

SMBs in particular are stepping up communication, with 49% of those workers saying their company has been doing so – up from 44% two weeks earlier. Well-timed communication at larger companies, however, has dropped slightly across the same time period.

More than a third (39%) of businesses are also offering benefits to support employees’ emotional wellbeing, although only 22% have similar options to support physical health. Across company sizes, a greater percentage of mid-market firms are increasing employee benefits around the crisis, including emotional and physical support, as well as online learning resources.

How is your company helping workers right now?

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