A Series of Small Business Recruitment Mistakes to Avoid (3)


3. Improvising the Recruitment Process

Speaking of job descriptions, they should be the first of several steps towards formalizing your HR process, even if you’re only recruiting one or two new employees — otherwise, you might find yourself rushing through the process and making bad hires simply because you weren’t thorough enough at the start of the process.

“When you’re starting a small business, you always have a lot on your hands, so it’s tempting to want to rush the recruitment process to get the wheels in motion,” says Jerry Haffey. “But, too many new or small businesses fall short when hiring their first few employees because they skip crucial steps in the process, like background checks, following up with references and multiple interviews. It can be annoying to follow HR protocol when the candidate feels like the right fit right away, but it’s well worth it to catch bad hires before they slip through the cracks.”

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