The Starfish People Business Owner’s HR Checklist

Elevate Your Team's Performance

Embarking on a successful 2024 journey requires ensuring your team operates at its peak potential. Here’s a concise 5-point checklist tailored for HR professionals and business owners in the UK.

  1. Ensure Legal Compliance

    Avoid costly pitfalls by prioritising the necessary paperwork. Addressing compliance issues is paramount and here’s what you should focus on:

    • Adhere to the national minimum wage guidelines.
    • Verify employees’ eligibility to work in the UK.
    • Conduct necessary DBS checks.
    • Obtain appropriate employment liability insurance.
    • Secure updated, signed employment contracts.
    • Provide access to the company handbook.
    • Familiarise the team with company policies.
    • Avoid discrimination based on protected characteristics.

  2. Optimise Costs with HR Software

    Streamline operations and reduce overheads with efficient HR software. Leverage software solutions for:

    • Recruitment and applicant tracking.
    • Seamless employee onboarding.
    • Maintaining accurate employee records.
    • Efficient time and attendance monitoring.
    • Simplified payroll management.
    • Comprehensive benefits administration.
    • Performance evaluation.
    • Structured training and development.
    • Employee self-service.
    • Compliance monitoring and reporting.
    • Data-driven analytics.
    • Document management.

  3. Harness Audits and Surveys for Insightful Decision-making

    Gain invaluable insights through internal audits and surveys. Focus areas for improvement include:

    • Cultivating a positive organisational culture.
    • Enhancing training and development initiatives.
    • Boosting employee engagement and satisfaction levels.
    • Strengthening employer branding for recruitment and retention.
    • Monitoring and improving performance metrics.

  4. Prioritise Employee Well-being

    A contented workforce directly correlates with business productivity and profitability. Foster a supportive environment by:

    • Championing employee well-being initiatives.
    • Addressing work-related stress factors.
    • Providing mental health support.
    • Developing a robust mental health strategy.

  5. Collaborate with HR Consultants for a Comprehensive People Plan

    Navigate the complexities of 2024 by crafting a robust people plan. Collaborate with seasoned HR consultants to address critical areas:

    • Aligning organisational vision, mission, strategy, and goals.
    • Conducting thorough workforce analysis and planning.
    • Optimising recruitment strategies.
    • Enhancing employee engagement and retention strategies.
    • Implementing targeted training and development programmes.
    • Allocating budget and resources efficiently.

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