How co-creating culture can transform your SME

People First Culture Series

Breathe our HR Software provider in partnership with Lizzie Benton from Liberty Mind has produced a great series of how-to guides which we want to  share.

Why values & culture are the pillars of your business purpose 

No matter your background or experiences – it’s time to invite everyone to the table when it comes to building the foundations of a successful SME. “But where do I start?” we hear you ask.  

We’ve partnered up with Lizzie Benton, Company Culture Coach, for our fourth playbook of the series to help you answer that very question.  

From actionable advice on how to update your organisation’s values with your employees, to the importance of diversity and how to embrace a variety of backgrounds, values and perspectives – implementing co-creation and focusing on your culture and values can help to elevate your business. 

Putting co-creation to work: tangible strategies made for you 

  • Find out if your current values are working or not, and the next steps you need to take 
  • Discover why it’s time to dismantle your hierarchies and how to do this  
  • Learn why rejecting diversity can jeopardise your business and what to do about it

Unlock 15 practical tips and inspiring ideas to start your own co-creation journey. Enhance your company culture to support driving your business growth, starting now.  

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