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You might need to take disciplinary action

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If you employ people, chances are there have been occasions where they’ve behaved in a way
that you find unacceptable.

It might be a rare occasion, or it may be more frequent than you’d like.

At some point, it’s likely you’ll need to follow a disciplinary procedure if an informal chat about the
behaviour doesn’t work.

It may sound dramatic but certain behaviours in the workplace have the potential to have a big
impact on how your business runs. Whether it’s someone not pulling their weight, which can lead
to an unmotivated, disengaged team; bullying or harassment, which can cause stress, anxiety,
depression in your people; or even something like theft or fraud, which can cost your business

These behaviours need to be knocked on the head immediately before they create a company-
wide issue. And when you get to the point of disciplinaries, it’s really important that you do things the right way.

Failing to follow both your own policy, as well as Acas guidance and employment law could land
you in hot water. That’s because if you don’t act fairly and take the relevant steps, your employee
could take you to an employment tribunal.

And you don’t need me to remind you just how much time and money, not to mention stress, that
could involve!

So before you start a disciplinary procedure you should really take the time to understand exactly
how things need to work. Make sure you have planned your course of action, looked back to find
out if you’ve dealt with similar issues before, and ideally, consulted an HR expert to help guide you
through or handle the process for you.

To help you understand how things should work, I’ve created a new guide. It details every step of a
the disciplinary procedure, and the considerations you as the employer must make.

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